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During your No-Sweat Intro, we’ll discuss your current level of Fitness and goals. Are you looking to get in shape, lose weight and/or get stronger? Are you looking to improve some of your health markers through proper nutrition and exercise? Our experienced Trainers will help design a plan for you to steadily and safely reach your goals. Depending on your goals, a combination of Personal Training, Nutritional guidance, and Group Classes may be recommended for you.

Get Directions: 3550 E Philadelphia St #160, Ontario, CA 91761

Why We Do What We Do

We are committed to helping people get started on their Fitness Journey. At CrossFit Kinnick Ontario, our Trainers help members of all ages and abilities reach their health and fitness goals.

We’ve helped hundreds of members lose weight, gain strength, and improve their health markers (blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc) through lifestyle changes.

The vast majority of our members come to us out of shape, with very little prior gym experience. We are able to safely provide them with a solid foundation of basic movement patterns and strength by gradually introducing them to more challenging movements and workouts. This helps set the stage for years of physical improvement and health.

Many people come to us a little intimidated by CrossFit (usually after seeing it on ESPN or CBS Sports). But after they see our 60 and 70 year old members doing the workouts they quickly realize that they can do it too. That’s the beauty of CrossFit. We adjust all the workouts for each member so that they are challenging but doable. We never ask you to do things you can’t do, or that are beyond your current ability.

Come in and talk to a Trainer and we’ll get you started on your own Fitness Journey!

Meet our Trainers

Jonathan Kinnick

Jonathan Kinnick

Owner/Head Trainer

Jonathan has over 10 years of experience as a CrossFit Trainer. He is currently the only CrossFit CF-L3 Trainer in the Inland Empire. He has coached both Individual and Team Athletes at the CrossFit Games, but his real passion is helping regular people take control of their health and fitness.

Jonathan is a Board Member on the CrossFit Trainer (CCFT) Certification Board. He also co-founded the workout tracking software BTWB. He is responsible for Data Analysis there and writes the CrossFit Games Open analysis articles for CrossFit, Inc. He is a USAW Sports Performance Coach and holds the following CrossFit Certificates: Weightlifiting, Endurance, Mobility, Nutrition, Competitor’s, and Coaches Prep. He also has a Masters Degree in Economics from USC.

Amy Kinnick

Amy Kinnick

Owner/Head Trainer

Amy has been a Trainer for CrossFit Kinnick since 2008. As a mother of three crazy boys, she knows the challenges of maintaining your own health and fitness while balancing family and career.

Amy is a CrossFit CF-L2 Trainer and a CrossFit Kids Instructor. She also has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Cal Poly Pomona.

Andrea Miller

Andrea Miller

Head Trainer

Andrea has been a Trainer for CrossFit Kinnick since 2015 and has been crossfitting since 2012. She was able to transform her own life through CrossFit and now has a passion for sharing her experiences with people starting the same journey.

Andrea is a CrossFit CF-L1 Trainer and holds the following CrossFit Certificates: Gymnastics, Olympic Weigthlifting, Sports-Specific Application. She also teaches Math at Etiwanda High School.

Member Spotlights

Diandra Alipio-Martinez

Diandra Alipio-Martinez

High School Teacher

CrossFit Experience: 2 1/2 years

Favorite things about CrossFit: Family, Friends, Results

Favorite Movement: Hang Power Cleans

Fitness Goal: Butterfly Pull-ups / consecutive Toes-to-Bar

Fun Fact: I swam in open water with sharks

Favorite gym memory: Doing my first CrossFit Games Open and being able to perform all workouts without modification.

Tom Peterson

Tom Peterson

Custom Ceiling Manufacturer

CrossFit Experience: I’ve been going for a couple of years with my son, Cory.

Goal: To be as fit as I can be at my age, 66.

Favorite thing about CrossFit: “The atmosphere at CrossFit is like working out with close friends and family. Everyone encouraging you when you are struggling.”

Fun Fact: He likes cycling and surfing with his grandsons.

Charlie Martinez

Charlie Martinez

High School Administrator

CrossFit Experience: 2 years

Health Changes: Charlie has lost over 70 lbs since joining CrossFit Kinnick Ontario and was recently able to get off of his blood pressure medication completely!*

*Results may vary

Located in Ontario off of Haven and the 60 Fwy

Just 10-15 minutes from Eastvale. Less than 10 minutes from Chino.

CrossFit Kinnick Ontario

Address: 3550 E Philadelphia St #160, Ontario, CA 91761

Phone: (909) 287-1150

Email: info@crossfitkinnick.com

CrossFit Group Classes – Membership Options


Up to 2 Classes per Week
  • 3 Levels of Daily Workouts, customized for you by your Trainer
  • 55-Minute Classes
  • Led by CrossFit CF-L3/L2 Trainers
  • Access to Ontario and Upland Locations
  • Average Cost is $15/Class 
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Unlimited Classes per Week
  • 3 Levels of Daily Workouts, customized for you by your Trainer
  • 55-Minute Classes
  • Led by CrossFit CF-L3/L2 Trainers
  • Access to Ontario and Upland Locations
  • Average Cost is $8-$10/Class 
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Personalized Options to meet your Goals

Nutrition Plan

Macro and Calorie Targets
  • Personalized based on your goals
  • Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, or Improve Body Composition
  • Daily Calorie, Protein, Carb, and Fat Targets

Body Composition Scan

using InBody 230 Scanner
  • Gives detailed body composition breakdown
  • Includes Lean Mass, Body Fat %, BMR Calories
  • Also includes Segmental Lean Mass analysis (to see if there are muscle imbalances between each arm or each leg).

CrossFit Group Class Schedule

Weekly Class Schedule

Monday-Friday Saturday
Morning Evening Morning
5:30am (MWF) 4:30pm 9:00am
9:00am 5:30pm Sunday
6:30pm Closed
7:30pm (Mon, Tues, Thurs)