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Do CrossFit® near Eastvale!

Over half of our members live in Eastvale, CA. We are one of the closest CrossFit® gyms in the area, with easy access to our brand new facility off of Haven and the 60 Fwy.


To get started with us, please schedule your “No-Sweat” Intro

During your Free 30-minute No-Sweat Intro, we’ll discuss your current level of Fitness and goals. Are you looking to get in shape, lose weight or get stronger? Are you looking to improve some of your health markers through proper nutrition and exercise? Our experienced Trainers will help design a plan for you to steadily and safely reach your goals. Depending on your goals, a combination of Personal Training, Nutritional guidance, and Group Classes may be recommended for you.

Email: info@crossfitkinnick.com

Phone: (909) 287-1150

Address: 3550 E Philadelphia St #160, Ontario, CA 91761

Our Goal

We are committed to helping people get started on their Fitness Journey. At CrossFit Kinnick Ontario, our Trainers help members of all ages and abilities reach their health and fitness goals.

We’ve helped hundreds of members lose weight, gain strength, and improve their health markers (blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc) through lifestyle changes.

The vast majority of our members come to us out of shape, with very little prior gym experience. We are able to safely provide them with a solid foundation of basic movement patterns and strength by gradually introducing them to more challenging movements and workouts. This helps set the stage for years of physical improvement and health.

Many people come to us a little intimidated by CrossFit (usually after seeing it on ESPN or CBS Sports). But after they see our 60 and 70 year old members doing the workouts they quickly realize that they can do it too. That’s the beauty of CrossFit. We adjust all the workouts for each member so that they are challenging but doable. We never ask you to do things you can’t do, or that are beyond your current ability.

Come in and talk to a Trainer and we’ll get you started on your own Fitness Journey!